History of the company

C.B.T. Italia (Construction Bicycles Tardivo) was founded in the mid-1950’s by Giovanni Tardivo, a regional wholesaler and distributor for bicycle and motorcycle parts.

Towards the beginning of the 1970’s, Giovanni’s first son, Guido, joined C.B.T. Italia and expanded the company’s marketplace to include the production of road/racing bicycles and frames.

By the beginning of the 1980’s, Giovanni’s second son, Bruno, joined the company.  By this time, C.B.T. Italia had shifted the core of its business primarily on the production and distribution of road bicycle frames.
During those years steel was the only material used for bicycle frames, but C.B.T. Italia was already able to distinguish its products by introducing black chrome fork ends and crushed seat tubes to obtain a shorter chain stay.

At the end of the Eighties, with the passing of founder Giovanni Tardivo, the company’s core business shifted once again from bicycle production to industrial manufacturing. Investments in innovative machinery allowed C.B.T. Italia to specialize in processing the stainless steel and aluminium. The company applied this new technology, originally developed for the aerospace industry, to road/racing bicycle. The result was nothing short of a success. 
Aluminium slowly began to replace steel in the production and manufacturing of bicycles. Frames now had the ability to be lighter, and customized to client’s specifications.

In the wake of a new millennium, C.B.T. Italia remains committed to the continuing evolution of bicycle frame production.

With the introduction of carbon fibers, the company now has the ability to manufacture frames that combine the lightness of aluminium with style and comfort unlike any other.

In 2002, C.B.T. Italia tested its carbon prototype frame, with the woman’s Tour de France: the final result was the Maillot Jaune. The frame was the Karbon Fiber, the ancestor of the actual monocoque carbon frames, constructed entirely at the  facility in Cuneo, Italy.   

The Company today

Our company remains dedicated to the production of road bicycles and frames, incorporating the welding steel, aluminium and titanium.

Our philosophy has remained unchanged: to uphold quality instead of quantity, using first-choice materials and innovative technology, servicing clients with specific requirements.

We upholds the Made in Italy standard. All the products are constructed and assembled entirely at our plant in Cuneo, Italy.

Our frames are built entirely from carbon fiber 3K, VHM or HM. Our technology allows us to customize our frames in standard, sloop and custom versions.

The geographic location of the company (Northwest Italy next to the French border and few kilometers for Monte-Carlo) and the international vocation of the founder are the reasons why C.B.T. Italia has continually developed and thrived from international community.

Committed to our principles, we wish to branch our product to a global market with the same quality, service and delivery that has been with our company since the very beginning.